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fagarina's piss challenge!

Check out how this stupid fairy wrote "sissy" backwards!  Idiot!

Fagarina is being put to the test this month.  If this pantywaist wants to dribble his pansy-piddle after 26 days, he must successfully photograph himself pissing on his dinner every night (except for Mondays) and eating it.  We shall see how it works out.  Will he spit his man-snot or not?
June 19, 2002  Day 1
MENU:  pasta(mostocolli) in tomato sauce  and bread drizzled in HOT PISS! 
(All the liquid in the bowl is piss.)

June 20, 2002  Day 2
MENU:  2 Pieces of Boston Chicken, Cornbread, MashedPotatos and PISS gravy!

June 21, 2002  Day 3
MENU: meatloaf, corn and applesauce all marinated in piss!

June 22, 2002  Day 4
MENU:  rice, green beans, shrimp, a little leftover meatloaf and piss gumbo for dumbo!
Glass of piss/milk.

June 23, 2002  Day 5
MENU:  Piss-burger, fries and a glass of yeller milk straight from the little cow's tiniest teat.

June 25, 2002  Day 6
MENU:  Tuna-piss sandwich and a tall glass of hot urine.

June 26, 2002  Day 7 Dinner VIA live wecam
MENU:  Ceaser salad with 3 ass icecubes and piss dressing. 

Piss Challenge II
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