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NEWEST photo set fagarina takes one for the team!  11.09.04
alien enounter 2 video clips  NEW!
Makin bacon
members only diary
faggy ala carte
members only diary
*Valentine's day video clip 

stupid cupid
piss popcicles
praying to Princess
members diaries
faggy erection
sponge-head fagarina 
fagarina newyear pics
fagarina's diet
faggy jacks it to his creditcard statement

*faggy the rednosed strangequeer video clip 12.12.02
*fagarina does the turkey dance video clip 12.06.02
Members Diaries 11.11.02 Updates
sissy apron11.11.02 Updates

little bopeep fucks sheep11.11.02 Updates

*pissdrops keep falling on his head vid 10.29
sissy babyfood dindin 10.14.02

 sissy takes a dip and sissy biscuits 10.14.02
sick puppy pees on supper pics and the little penguin shots 10.06.02
prick hat thinking cap 10.06.02
*bathing beauty in the tub with rico video clip 10.06.02

sissy sausage fucker  10.06.02
sissy with tiny weenie gallery 10.01.02
sissymaid housework gallery 9.29.02
washing panties and bubble bath with rico pics 9.29.02
*ballerina video clip 9.22.02
faggany ann and her little bear gallery 9.20.02
3 sugarplum fairy pics 9.13.02
sissy teaparty photos 9.11.02

 fagarina macarena video clip 9.9.02
flight of the bumblebee photos and video clip  8.21.02
shit facial video clip 8.21.02
shit facial photos  8.21.02
fairy's 3 wishes video clip 8.21.02
flower boy 8.15.02
pantyboy 8.14.02
fagarina in his sissy white dress and bonnet shots
red gartered faggy slut mating with rubber-rico
diaper sissy eats poop-crackers
*poop-cracker video clip
dirtygirl fagarina in a porknbean pool
sissy housekeeping
cooking humiliation
*showgirl video clip
members only piss-challenge gallery
sissy bobs in the potty
toothbrush torture


19 New pictures of frilly pink sissyboy forced to dress up, shop in public and suck cock! 9/30
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