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Princess turns you boys into a cocksucking sissy. 
Put your frillies on mister willy and get read to strut your stuff, you buttslut!  Dress a man in highheels and lipstick and its surprising how weak, broken and obedient he becomes. This recording is dedicated to all you silly sissies! 
PRINCESS laughing at wankers like you!
Listen to Me laugh as you perform silly tricks to earn your "splooge". your dick is disgusting. (but you already knew that.) Humiliation. Just like you deserve. 
Princess Sierra Pimpin' a sissyboy.
All you closet fags have been begging for more sissyboy, forced faggotry recordings. haha! Friggin fruits! Open your mouth, bitch, and chug him!
SIERRA's sissyboy recording. DEMACHOFICATION 
This recording is for your sissyboy superslut fagarinas in-the-closet. your testerone offends ME. Sierra decides to strip you of your masculinity and show you the proper path to sissyhood. Put on your panties you stupid little bitch, tuck that weenie when you pee, cuz it's time for you to turned into a total candyass! I am a dominant Female who trains men into being useful and humble sissyslaves, obedient wallets, and amusing playthings. 
The Tragic Adventures of todd Mccock-sucker
Listen to Me make toddy mccocksucker say and repeat humiliating things to use against him later. Hear this tard beg and plea for mercy and recite degrading lines. Listen to how I laugh and toy with this silly little horndog.  Femdom Humiliation, Manipulation, Teasing and Coercion 


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