Crazy fagarina fanmail!

cdmarymcg (12:32:07 AM): i thought your outfit was very cute, but your black panties are ever so sexy..
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:32:35 AM): thanks did you see the lighting heart
cdmarymcg (12:32:38 AM): and other things you are showing off
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:32:52 AM): you dont mind me naked
cdmarymcg (12:33:15 AM): i was very by long before i began dressing.. so no...
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:34:11 AM): say again i dont understand
cdmarymcg (12:34:21 AM): actually no i didnt see the heart
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:34:41 AM): oh it lights up on battery
cdmarymcg (12:34:52 AM): I am Bi, so i dont mind seeing you naked...which you had asked...
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:35:04 AM): ok
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:35:07 AM): i see

cdmarymcg (12:46:38 AM): as ive said, you are cute, but you are also a tease
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:46:50 AM): what do you mean
cdmarymcg (12:47:33 AM): you keep rolling over and giving peeks and exciting tidbits, then you roll back over
fagarinatoprincesssierra (12:51:09 AM): too many messages sorry go to


funny_funny2 (08:28:33 PM): i will do what u say
funny_funny2 (08:28:48 PM): even if u want me
fagarinatoprincesssierra (08:29:32 PM): i have to get dressed if you want to watch go ahead or go to or
funny_funny2 (08:30:07 PM): not now
funny_funny2 (08:30:24 PM): u r so sexy
funny_funny2 (08:30:35 PM): as u move ur leg
funny_funny2 (08:30:54 PM): move it again
funny_funny2 (08:31:17 PM): up
funny_funny2 (08:31:24 PM): down
funny_funny2 (08:31:44 PM): dangerous
funny_funny2 (08:32:09 PM): thx
fagarinatoprincesssierra (08:32:19 PM): ok
funny_funny2 (08:32:31 PM): i need 2 c ur writing

mrbriandavis_99 (04:36:15 PM): u gonna put on ur little oufit? awwww thats so sweet.
mrbriandavis_99 (04:41:48 PM): aww thats precious
mrbriandavis_99 (05:06:08 PM): sooo precious in ur little outfit awwww
mrbriandavis_99 (05:09:17 PM): awww even ur little feather duster is pink

scooby_doo610 (11:11:14 PM): show me your pussy
fagarinatoprincesssierra (11:11:48 PM): iam i guy
fagarinatoprincesssierra (11:12:13 PM): and if i was a woman do you really think id just show you my pussy,,,,,,

sri_priya_k (03:41:18 PM): have u tried pet sex?
fagarinatoprincesssierra (03:41:22 PM): no
sri_priya_k (03:41:36 PM): wanna try?
fagarinatoprincesssierra (03:41:40 PM): why?
sri_priya_k (03:42:08 PM): try pet sex?
fagarinatoprincesssierra (03:42:31 PM): thats even sick for me
sri_priya_k (03:42:46 PM): do u have a pet dog
fagarinatoprincesssierra (03:43:21 PM): no
fagarinatoprincesssierra (03:44:07 PM): why
sri_priya_k (03:44:37 PM): just in case u want to try
fagarinatoprincesssierra (03:44:59 PM): no thanks

patrickforde119542000: let me see you
fagarinatoprincesssierra: ok
patrickforde119542000: stand up babe
fagarinatoprincesssierra: im a guy
patrickforde119542000: i know
patrickforde119542000: stand up
fagarinatoprincesssierra: no
patrickforde119542000: awwww come on
fagarinatoprincesssierra: ok
patrickforde119542000: take that dirty diaper off.

 "Candy Sissiboi" <
                              I think you need a Candy Dollie!

                      (curtsey) Hello Fagarina,

                      I just ran across your website and since I now have
                      seen your pix, I would like you to see mine on my
                      Yahoo profile!


                      There are directions to the photo album there and I
                      have over 60 pix, all taken by my tg girliefriend over
                      the last year.  Like you, I am a sissy into
                      humiliation but I am nowhere as strong as you are.  I
                      have drank my pee before and it leaves an awful
                      aftertaste for hours!  However real-life forced pee
                      drinking while handcuffed after being very
                      well-spanked is one of my hottest fantasies.

                      Since I do have such a weak Lil Girlie stomach I
                      should become your cute Lil Dollykins to train.  I
                      have pink fur handcuffs, a bamboo cane, a burgundy
                      leather paddle with holes and a Lexan paddle with one
                      medium hole and 4 smaller ones so you can blister my
                      pantied ass real good while I am restrained so I'll
                      open my mouth to what you want me to eat and drink.
                      You know eventually I will give in since I am such a
                      weak sissy!

                      Then you can have me suck on your cock and tongue your
                      ass whenever you want as well as keep the place all
                      nice and clean (especially the toilet...I once cleaned
                      my toilet with my tongue!) as your sissymaid dollie

                      I think you are so hot and I wish I was there with you
                      so your cam could be on even more as Miss Fagarina and
                      her dolliepet Candy keep all the pervies who luv to
                      watch outrageous sissies on the net entertained!

                      My main profile pix would make such a wonderful
                      sissydollie basic training outfit and would be
                      oh-so-perfect for public you agree?
                      Wouldn't it be fun to see me in my too-short dresses
                      and skirts fulltime and never in boy's clothes, which
                      would be totally prohibited in your place?  With you
                      around to make sure I am always acting, moving and
                      talking as the sweetest Candy, it would not be long
                      before I was a freaki-freaki sissiboi like you

                      With me completely under your thumb then you would
                      have even more to put up on your website and draw in
                      even more people so you could make PRINCESS SIERRA
                      even happier as I learn to do all I must to make you
                      happy with me as your Precious Sissy Dolliekins.

                      If people think you are strange, imagine how strange I
                      am to want to be another sissy's real life dollie!
                      After you see my profile, pix and this email, you'll
                      know there is someone out there who would be perfect
                      for that position if you ever decided to get a real
                      live dollie of your own to train and play with.

                      I'll enclose some sissy art too!  The first one is as
                      I see me as your Baby-Dollie, looking so cute for the
                      world!  The second one is a great spanking time pix.
                      The third is one I found from your website and it
                      looks so perfect, almost the same style of dress I
                      have on in my main profile pix.  Imagine that it is me
                      in my lil pink dress bent over your toilet with my
                      hands handcuffed behind my back getting whipped with
                      the bamboo cane getting my first drinking lesson from

                      If you like what I am saying pwetty pwease do write



Subject: hi

hi fagarina!

i just want to tell you how much i adore and envy you
:) i can only dream of being exploited by   GOD   for
  HER   financial benefit and amusement. my hardon
drools in my panties when i think about   PRINCESS
SIERRA   financially raping me!  i wish i could
overcome my anxiety, i am sooo addicted ;)  fagarina,
i never used to think about doing gay things - like
sucking cock - until i saw you.  Now i think about it
a lot ;)  i hope you will keep   PRINCESS SIERRA