Princess Sierra's
Fun to play, hard to win, easy to lose!

fagarina has been placed on PRINCESS SIERRA's Deal-a-meal til he squeals Diet Plan--the sure way to slim down any tubby submissive slave.
Every night you will shuffle a deck of cards and draw 2 cards.

The first card drawn will be in your GROSS FOOD Category Item.
The second card will be for your REAL FOOD Category Item.

ACE 1 can of catfood your choice of the real food menu and 1 food add-on.
2's 1 can of alpo turkey hotdog
3's 1 whole raw onion grilled cheese sandwich (fake lowfat cheese food-product only)
4's can of anchovies 2 tacobell chicken tacos
5's can of beets your choice of cheap lowfat diet frozen entree
6's entire bag of boiled brussel sprouts Caesar salad NO dressing
7's WILD CARD! you get a food add on! Skip Gross Food. tuna sandwich no pickles, no fat mayo (OH GROSS)
8' 1/2 cup of dishwashing soap Arby's healthy turkey sandwich no mayo
9's small hotel soap grated on meal BK chicken mayo
10's 4 tablespoons tobacco sauce cheap lowfat microwave macaroni and cheese entree
Jack Blend entire meal together into shake.  Re-shuffle and draw a GROSS food. Blend entire meal together into shake.  Re-shuffle and draw a REAL food.
King 2 gross items.  Choose another gross food choice. Sorry, charlie.  No real food for you tonight.  Have another can of catfood.
QUEEN NO gross food! No gross food tonight! Re-shuffle for your REAL food item.
JOKER Milk Enema in a Glass and 2 cans of catfood No Gross Food! Re-shuffle and draw your REAL Food Choice.

If you draw the same # TWICE, you  ONLY have to eat the REAL FOOD selection
and earn 1 Add-on Food Item. (seen below.)

you get REAL FOOD of your choice, 1  Add-on of your choice and a Lowfat popsicle!
you get 2 gross foods blended with the good food and a lowfat popsicle up your ass. Draw for each food.

Add-on Foods
Green Beans
Cottage Cheese
Canned corn
Baked Beans

fagarina's faga-cycle